Finally finished archiving the Truck Series

Yeah, I know it took long enough, but I really wanted to finish before the new year started.  As with Nationwide, I have not entered the car owners and crew chiefs yet nor have I uploaded video links.  I’ll try to do that stuff in the next month sometime while waiting for my next poll to close.  This poll will expire at the end of January, but there are no guarantees I’m going to instantly archive whatever wins the next poll on February 1.  I’m kind of burnt out at the moment.

For my next poll, I replaced the Truck Series with the Grand-Am Continental Tire Series.  I know that it’s not the most exciting series I could have chosen but my fear is that if I had picked a more popular series such as USAC Champ Car, World Rally Championship, BTCC, USAC Silver Crown, IMSA GT, World of Outlaws, etc… I would simply not be able to obtain the information for the earlier seasons and I am only listing series where I believe complete results are readily accessible without building an expensive library (which I cannot afford at the moment).  I realize I don’t have access to complete NHRA records either, so maybe this is not a valid excuse.  I know used to have a complete archive of AAA/USAC history but this has been removed and I haven’t been able to find any Greg Fielden-style books for IndyCar (even out of print) that offer complete box scores for seasons in the ’60s and ’70s (I did find one such USAC book for one season and now own it…1972 I believe but I can’t find any evidence that any other annuals of that nature were ever published).  If anyone knows of books that offer that level of detail for any of the more popular series I have mentioned (if I can afford them – there’s no way I could afford to collect all the WRC annuals) I will consider adding them to my future polls.  There’s still a considerable variety of options.

I’m not interested in archiving any more stock car series (except IROC, if it wins this poll or a subsequent poll) until I’ve archived most of the other top-level series.  This is not the site most people go to for NASCAR statistics.  Although I know I need to have Cup, Nationwide, and trucks to be credible for a mostly-American audience, I would FAR rather archive series in different arenas of motorsport that few other sites are covering, which would expand the versatility and credibility of this site more than adding ARCA would, since this isn’t the site people primarily go to for stock car results.  The stock car niche is taken so given my choice, I’d personally want to move into touring car series next to expand my breadth, but you make the call.


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