Nationwide is on the site

Forgive me for the stupid pun. In my most recent poll for which series to archive next, the NASCAR Busch/Nationwide Series won. I wasn’t too thrilled since I dislike the series ever since it lost its identity in the early 2000s after the Cup drivers took over the series, it is well-archived in several other places, and it took longer to archive than several other series would have. However, I appreciate my users so I decided to follow the poll result.

It’s not COMPLETELY done, of course. I do not have data available for Busch Series lap leaders prior to the year 1995 (I do own several NASCAR Preview and Press Guides from prior to that year, but they only provide top five finishers for each race and not complete box scores). I know the data exists elsewhere on other sites but I’m not going to take it from another tertiary source such as another racing statistics website. If somebody knows where to find box scores from 1982 to 1994 (or some other equivalent secondary source), let me know. I also still have to enter the owners and crew chiefs for each Busch Series entrant. That will be easy for the modern Jayski team chart era of course but for the years prior to 1995, I believe a LOT of that data has probably even been lost to history. I’ll do the best I can with the owners and crew chiefs eventually, but I don’t see that as a very high priority at the moment. I will also eventually (probably months from now) add links to YouTube videos for each Busch race that has been uploaded there. I’m not sure how many people use my video links for other series, but I still think that is one of the main features that distinguishes my site from others in the field.

I’m putting up another poll right now for the next series to archive. I’m going to have it expire at the end of September. I may enter all the above Busch data in the intervening period, but I may also take a break. Entering a series that has existed for 30 years in a three month period or less is pretty exhausting even for me…


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