Changing direction

I know some visitors might be disappointed, but I’ve completely changed my mind from my blog post three months ago, and I have decided to remove the biography pages from my website. Not only were many of them out of date, they were generally far too long and I struggled in my attempts to edit them to make them more concise, not to mention that some of my comments in them were probably not professional enough. Although I am good at writing career summaries, I am not especially skilled in writing about more personal matters. No other primarily racing statistics sites that I know of attempted to include biographies and I believe that’s the reason why. I would rather enter new series and compile new innovative lists than attempt to maintain biography pages for hundreds of drivers (as I would really have to do in order to be serious in that regard, considering the lengths of the pages I wrote for most IndyCar and NASCAR champion drivers). Doing this along with updating all races, the all-racing schedule on my site, and adding video links for each race as it is uploaded onto YouTube was probably a bit too much. Removing the biographies is one less thing to think about and should make it easier to add the new drivers in the remaining series that I am intending to cover. I also let my message forum expire and removed the link to my chat room since I don’t believe either of them were drawing any traffic. I want to focus on just the stats from now on since I know that they are probably the main draw of my site. I still might eventually write race summaries in the “race notes” section because they do not need to be in depth to the same degree and do not need to have emotional content like a good biography would, which I do not write about well.

Following the lead of, which I am now working for, I may offer links to drivers’ official websites and/or Twitter accounts. I’m also considering an ambitious global links page at some point where I link all the official sites of drivers, car owners, tracks, sanctioning bodies, and so on on one page. I think that would be a much better fit on my site than the biographies ever were.

If you’re one of the few people actually reading this blog, you will no doubt have noticed I now have a poll on my front page for which series I should archive next. This will expire on May 31. While I intend to cover all the series I have listed there at some point, I will archive whichever series wins that poll next. I already have complete driver lists for all those series and several others besides.

Although it was just a small thing I did tonight, I also made a list of celebrity drivers on my Drivers page…drivers who were famous in other fields rather than drivers who became famous by driving or became famous in automotive industries generally (Louis Chevrolet, Colin Chapman, Roger Penske). That list will greatly expand if I ever cover Trans-Am or IMSA. I doubt you’ll find many celebrity lists anywhere that include British lords, computer programmers, actors, musicians, fighter aces, and cult leaders in the same context. I’m interested in trying to subdivide drivers and/or owners in all sorts of different ways.

I’m no longer interested in more sentimental material in the way that I was but I’m still interested in developing the site. What else would you like to see here?


One Response to “Changing direction”

  1. Hey Sean. I wandered in here searching for info on an old Indycar owner named Patrick santello. Stop by stalkers and enlighten me

    luv ya


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