Finally, albeit a bit too late…

I’ve joined the racing blogosphere.  I’ll probably be opinionated to some degree as is my nature.  But I am mainly going to try and focus on racing statistics which my site covers.

I took a break for a while from adding new racing series to the main site.  I needed a break after entering 12 NASCAR races a day most days for several months, but I am in the process of (somewhat slowly) adding MotoGP, which is among the most prestigious racing series I have not yet archived.  I also intend to add the European Le Mans Series shortly thereafter.  If you tried to access one of the 24 Hours of Le Mans pages in the past few days, I apologize.  I made an error in code when attempting to edit my results page to accommodate MotoGP results that caused Le Mans results to go blank; this has been fixed.

If you’re wondering how I decide which series to cover, there are basically three rules:

1. I generally do not cover series that are defunct, because the data would generally be too difficult to obtain.  So I am unlikely to cover series such as Can-Am or historic Trans-Am (before this year’s series revival) or probably IMSA any time soon.  CART and Champ Car are exceptions as they are probably the most prominent defunct series, and historical IndyCar data is much more available than most other forms of racing.  I am likely to at some point venture into archiving AAA and USAC (IndyCar racing prior to 1979).

2. I am not interested in archiving minor-league feeder series for the most part, and would rather cover all the active major racing leagues in the world than the minor leagues in specific disciplines.  So a site that specializes in NASCAR history would be better for Nationwide/Craftsman Truck statistics and a site that specializes in IndyCar history would be better for Atlantics/Indy Lights statistics.  I do not plan on entering any feeder series in the near future.

3. I have a strong preference for series with a short history or small number of races, because I can enter them faster, so I may have a bias towards entering series that started in the past ten years; also, since such series started since the Internet went mainstream, statistics will be more readily available.

MotoGP and the European Le Mans Series seemed to be the best choices given these general guidelines.  Both have short histories, both are among the most prominent series I have not covered, and will probably be popular with my audience.

Although I am not planning to archive anything after LMS for a while, what other series do you think I should consider?


One Response to “Finally, albeit a bit too late…”

  1. Good to see that you have a blog now, Sean.

    I like your criteria for inclusion within the database, it is a good balance between including as much as reasonably possible without delving into series people don’t care so much about.

    As for what else should be considered, how about FIA GT? It started in 1997, travelled the world for a bit before mostly withdrawing to Europe but it has become a ‘World Championship’ now and is expanding again.

    There is the Asian Le Mans Series but perhaps it is too early to consider it, I’m not yet convinced it’ll stick around and it can only manage one or two rounds per season with questionable entries, but it could develop. Maybe one for the distant future.

    The DTM might be worth a look, and if you want to you might only consider the 2000-onwards iteration and maybe leave the 1980s/1990s edition for later if at all, particularly since the current cars are described as being single-seaters with a body shell rather than touring / stock cars.

    Have you thought about A1GP? I’m not sure whether it is classed as a feeder series, I think the organisers didn’t but some of the drivers who raced in it did!

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